Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Innovation Center Progress and list of my blogs

The Innovation Center Movement has gathered a momentum and many members from diverse fields have joined the group.

The list of  members as per newsletter is as follows
Founder Members
  Dr. S. V. Ranade
  Prof. B. D. Kelkar
  Dr. Ravindra Vora
  Prof. Satish Ramchandre
  Shri. Tanajirao More
  Shri. Arvind Yadav
  Shri. Ashok Bhosle
  Dr. Suhas Khambe
  Dr. Girish Kulkarni
  Shri. Arvind Deshpande 
  Dr. Yashvant Toro
  Dr. A. B. Kulkarni
 Dr. Leena Mehendale
 Dr. Uday Naik
 Shri. Madan Kulkarni
 Shrimati Ushatai Kulkarni
 Prof. Prashant P. Deshpande
 Shri. Narayanrao Deshpande
 Prin. Bhaskar Tamhankar

 Dr. P. A. Kulkarni
 Shri. Mahesh Pagnis
 Dr. Santosh Mane
 Dr. Devayani Kulkarni
 Dr. Dada Nade
 Shri. Vinayak Rajadhyaksha
 Prof. Sanjivani Apte
 Prof. Narayan Marathe
 Shri. Prasanna Kulkarni,
 Prof. Sunil Tamhankar

 This is tentative list and all are cordially invited to join the group.

The constitution for the center is being formulated. Dnyandeep Foundation has offered to act as the interim organization for membership registration and financial transactions. It is decided to design a website for the center.

I have created a public accessible folder titled Innovation Center  for sharing documents and communication.

I give below list of my blogs concerning Innovation Center
There are many more blogs on teachers of schools and retired professors of Walchand College which form the basis of starting this movement.

I appeal all to participate in this ambitious project and lead the future generation on path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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