Saturday, May 18, 2019

Everything but love

I had read an interesting  Russian novel of above title  (by ) long back which imagined the future robotic world where there is no place for love. Unfortunately, I find that similar situation may arise in future, if we do not introspect our efforts and aspirations in life, care for others feelings and become more sensitive.

Only growth of intelligence suppresses feelings and emotions. Feeling is impression on mind. Emotion is response of mind. Blind pursuit of physical needs driven by only logic and intelligence leads to robotic behaviour. Advances in material technology are converting human being into intelligent animal without love. Families are splitting, Relations are getting broken. Human community is becoming atomised. Man, in pursuit of please and happiness is indirectly loosing essence of living. 

True artists, writers and philosophers are trying to keep and nurture the free mind which has become endangered species in onslaught of material wealth and consumable pleasure. Intelligence is using their efforts for growth of business by converting the creations and innovations into saleable items. This again enhances lust for material wealth. Common man has to depend on borrowed or purchased well crafted emotions and feelings from others for keeping his mind alive. He is loosing his inherent sensitivity.

Unless we start consciously to develop and retain human relations, understand others feelings, nurture emotional attachments, get pleasure from old memories, we shall loose the innate treasure of love and happiness forever.