Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Dnyandeep iPhone Apps -Overview

Today, on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti, I wish to give overview of Dnyandeep's Activities in iPhone development.

Screenshots of iPhone Apps developed  for Dnyandeep (by Mrs. Sumedha Gogate, USA)

The links to above apps and the total installations are shown below.

No.Name with LinkApple IDUnits till
14 Jan. 2019
( विभक्ती व धातुरुपे
ध्वनीफितींसह )
1393824124 282
2English-Sanskrit Dictionary
Alphabetical and Subjectwise
सुभाषिते अर्थ व ध्वनीफितींसह
4मराठी-संस्कृत शब्दकोश 
(अकारानुसार व विषयवार)
( काव्यदीप - तीन कवितासंग्रह
ध्वनीफितींसह )
1274655599 134
6padhe (मराठी पाढे २ - ३०
ध्वनीफितींसह )
1244236011 84

All these apps are very useful for school level education. Dnyandeep has already published many such apps on Android also. I hope that the school authorities and parents will take advantage of these resources.