Sunday, April 3, 2022

Age of Mind

 Those who  migrate from their homeland feel insecure and out-casted from native people. They become more self conscious, suspicious about local society and try to show gentle manners for sustainability and self protection. But their minds get frozen and  do not reach maturity and they remain at the same state of development  and with the same age when they have migrated. 

They try to keep alive their cultural roots by celebrating traditional events but shirk away from continuous following of that routine.

Naturally they try to make their friend circle as per their native culture.

This social disharmony is found in cosmopolitan  cities and countries where migrants are varied in language, religion and location of homelands.

Love of nature or pets arises in migrated community  through the feeling of lack of trust in other people. 

This creates ironical situation, where pets and nature become more important than the sections of society who need help due to poverty, unemployment, homelessness, lack of education, addiction and health issues.