Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why religion is more powerful than science?

Almost all people are attached to some religion by birth. All religions have same basic aim of promoting ethical values for welfare and progress of their followers. But they have different concepts about nature of God, methods of praying and  set of specific rituals and code of conduct. Each religion proclaims to be most ideal and superior to all other religions and forms a separate social group of its followers.

Religion appeals to emotion. It provides transcendental rewards to consciousness if it follows the rituals and shows full faith in teaching of its leaders and acts accordingly. Religion becomes the sole guide of its followers and provides answers to all questions and worries in life with promise of elevation of self to a level of eternal happiness. Religion also provides simple solutions  like   chanting, devotion, fast and prayers to surmount any difficulty or to achieve success in life. Religion provides opportunities for social gatherings, festivals and other entertaining activities and followers can get great pleasure in it. Religion also provides worship places, interesting stories from history full of sufferings and miracles. Religion provides much needed sense of security, feeling of togetherness and help from their community.

Science on the other hand takes entry into consciousness at a much later stage and builds tools of reasoning in consciousness which oppose blind belief. Science does not have ready answers to most of the questions and requires application of reasoning and objective analysis for the solutions. Fortunately  enough, people realize that development  of human race has become possible only through such efforts to investigate the nature of universe instead of just believing it to be act of God or some supernatural power.

Science appeals to intelligence rather than emotion. Its focus is not the person or social group but the problem itself. Its method is objective to prevent any subjective prejudice. Hence it does not help in building prejudice.  Solution to the problem using scientific reasoning gives intellectual pleasure to individual who pursues it.  However, it involves high learning curve. As it questions belief which is the sole basis of religion, it is ridiculed by true followers of religion as undesirable and against their cherished values.

 Science does not provide any incentive for social action and cannot in itself be a source of pleasure or entertainment. It also admits ignorance about creation and the true nature of universe and real cause behind many  perceptions and events.

Hence science cannot compete with religion to give guidance to human behavior or actions. Human being wishes to get pleasure with minimum efforts and it naturally likes stories of magic and miracles described in religious literature.  Popularity of ancient stories involving fight between God and Demons, biographies of saints, pure fiction stories like Arabian Nights, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, present day video games show human desire for such pleasure.

In order to cash on such emotional pleasure many science fiction stories and movies have been developed giving modern technological look to show future possibilities of science progress. But they create a false impression about science to be  only a new miracle maker.

 Consciousness has emotion as a main active force and often overpowers intelligence instead of intelligence guiding emotion. This is the reason for failure of science to create mass movement for intelligent progress of mankind.

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