Friday, July 31, 2020

Changed role of Dnyandeep Foundation

Dnyandeep Foundation, when established in 2005, had two main objectives

1. To propmote social and educational websites

2. To develop learning material in Marathi medium in different subjects

3. To conduct seminars and conference in Solar Energy, Green Building and Green Technology

Over the years, foundation carried out many activities to fulfill the objectives and also expanded its scope to include mobile app development, Book and CD publications and promotion to innovation and entrepreneurship, Walchand Heritage Project, Work from Home and Free lance working. .

After the seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, Dnyandeep Foundation came in contact with many innovators, professionals and organisations, who had different ideas about the scope of this movement and it was difficult to follow and fulfill everybody's intentions.

There was also necessity to plan for financial stability of Dnyandeep Foundation, as the web hosting, seminars and travels burdened Dnyandeep Infotech Pvt. Ltd. financially and also the voluntary work by its staff. Hence decision was taken to separate these two organizations, and develop self sustained model for Dnyandeep Foundation activities.

Instead of trying to get grants or financial support from industries, it was decided to build the funds by individual contributions in form of annual and life member subscriptions. The annual subscription was kept sufficiently high to keep casual participants away and to make the foundation a collective enterprise with equal contribution, authority and responsibility.

Very few people joined the foundation and some started new setup to promote only innovation concept. Dnyandeep Foundation supported their move and offered all assistance on no loss no profit basis to newly formed CISTED Foundation..

Dnyandeep Foundation then thought of creating a open platform for Indian professionals and organisations, with the aim of creating a group without any specific category of expertise or experience.  Thus people from Arts, Commerce, Engineering and Medical fields can join this platform and are free to for groups and work either with banner of Dnyandeep Foundation or completely separate organisation.

Paid membership of Dnyandeep Foundation was kept optional and for those, who wish to take active participation of foundation activities.

With the change in nature of open platform, Dnyandeep Foundation shall be only providing facility for linking of professionals, the only restriction of entry to Indian professionals.

Dnyandeep Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has specific plans of IT and Environmental consultancy and would associate Dnyandeep Foundation in a similar capacity like other member organisations.

Many of my relatives, friends and students are advising me to concentrate on few specific fields so that concrete progress can be done with limited manpower and financial resources.

However, in my opinion, there is a need to promote Indian  entrepreneurs and experts in all fields and bring small business units to come together on common platform to fight domination by MNCs.

Therefore, Dnyandeep Foundation has changed its role from active organisation pursuing planned agenda to passive support system for networking such diverse, dispersed and weak groups and experts for better prospects of collaboration and working for Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Dnyandeep Foundation also hopes that its work from home and Free Lance work groups will get support from associates and they will join as active members in future. Moreover,  many organisations may start  development work in fields of their interest with associates registered in open forum and may become   Dnyandeep foundationmembers.

I feel that this new role will give inspiration to some such well established large  social organisations to take lead in such cooperative working setup.

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