Thursday, April 11, 2019

No change in status of Computer Education in 7 years

When I transcribed my talks on Green FM radio recorded 7 years back, I myself felt that the time has not changed since that time.

I had expressed a fear that within two years computers will be in the hands of all students in school and colleges ( as per promise of the Govt. at that time) and we shall remain unprepared to cope up with influx of video games and foreign entertainment industry.
 Ref :

माझी रेडिओवरील मुलाखत २७ जुलै २०१२ (भाग-१)

माझी रेडिओवरील मुलाखत ३ अॉगस्ट २०१२ (भाग-२)

Thanks God ! that the promise remained only promise and there is no immediate possibility of improvement in status of computer aided education.

Hence, there is still ample time for Dnyandeep to pursue its cherished dream of starting Dnyandeep Mandal in schools.

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