Friday, September 23, 2022

Learn from Machines

 How the machine grasps knowledge. Though machine learning is developed by man, it is time to learn the process of grasping knowledge from machine learning algorithms.

Typically the machine consists of many  individual parts connected with each other and require input instructions and raw material to process and supply of energy.

Man eats food for living, hence energy supply is no problem. Can we build virtual parts to imitate machine working. Object oriented programming is used for designing virtual machines. What is needed is our behaviour like machine which does exactly what is required without any distraction.

Distraction of focus is the biggest problem for mind which is the prime mover of running brain mechanism.

Brute force learning by memorization is successful as there is no chance of distracting forces interrupting the process. 

Child is fast learner as compared to adult, the reason is clearly the absence of disturbing intrusion of memories in the process of learning.

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