Homage to Shubhangi, my life partner - Part - 19

It's a long time lapse that I am returning back to continue my series of homage to Shubhangi. There were many distractions and changes in topics for my blog which got developed into new threads and I lost the track of my plan of outlining her entire lifespan.

While searching old emails, I came across mail from  Shubhangi sent to Sushant ( who was in Bangalore at that time)  from USA where she had gone to help Sumedha during Ojas health problem in 2005 Dec. Ojas had come back from hospital but needed constant attention and medication at house. Presence of Shubhangi was a great relief to Sumedha and Suhas.  I reproduce here that email to showcase her proficiency in English (as well as Marathi unicode ) writing.

E mail contents ;

Hi, Sushant,                                                 12/01/06 at 9:17 AM

Just now we have seen your mail and come to know all details about Sangli and Bangalore also.

Yesterday we went to hospital for Ojas. The doctor said that Ojas is improving slowly. His दंगा  is going as usual. He likes to play with Ketan and all his friends. From yesterday, he stands himself at any time and starts running here and there. So one of us has to run with him. Any way, we all are enjoying much better. He likes to here Gajanan Maharaj Stotra from me and at end of the stotra he says with me  'इति शम ' which means 'कल्याण असो '. He can tell all letters from his तक्ता  in English as well as in Marathi. He is busy for all the time in singing, reading or playing with blocks, खेळणी etc.

Ketan's school is going on as usual. In this week, there are three holidays to him. As on Monday, 16 Jan. Martin Luther King holiday is there. Ketan can read and write Marathi. Yesterday I went with him to his singing class. We went with Jayanti and her daughters. Jayanti and co. are also fine.

Sumedha has suggested that it will be better if Baba also come here to stay with Ketan and Ojas. They both are eagerly waiting for Ajoba as his  passsport  and visa are  ready.  ......

Sankranti sathi Shubheccha. TIlLGUl GHYA GOD GOD BOLA.

-- Aai.
Though Shubhangi and Sumedha wanted me to come there, it could not materialise.

I was suffering from asthma  and  one day in morning, I became half conscious and lost all strength even to stand up. I was immediately admitted to Dr. Madake hospital by Shri. Gole. I was got hospitalised in ICU for a week. Learning the news of my illness Shubhangi decided to come back.

Hence, instead of myself going there, Shubhangi returned back to India travelling alone to look after my health.

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